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  • Bakterontsid gel - rodenticide
Bakterontsid gel - rodenticide
  • Bakterontsid gel - rodenticide
  • Bakterontsid gel - rodenticide

Bakterontsid gel - rodenticide

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Bakterontsid gel - biological rodenticide is applied to fight against rodents (rats, mice, voles, sandworts, gophers), living on crops, pastures, forest belts, ricks, hotbeds.


"Bakterontsid gel" - the bacterial medicine based on Isachenko's bacterium (Salmonella enterindis the magician of Issatschenko), possessing selective action for rodents also causes pathogenesis of a typhoid. It is applied to fight against rodents (rats, mice, voles), living on crops, pastures, forest belts, warehouses.

 Effect of medicine is shown in 10-15 days after application for mice and voles, in 10-25 days for rats and gophers.


Reinfection (epizooty) of typhus of mice leads to their full death.

Possibility of application mechanically (superficial introduction by a grain seeder or a spreader to biorodenticide on colonies).

It is ecologically safe.


Evenly to mix medicine with a bait (the usual or steamed grain, for improvement eating up (it is possible to add sunflower oil). A bait display on holes (a portion 0,5 teaspoons) and foot tap.

Dose for mixing of 1 l of medicine on 10 kg of a bait.

In warehouse the consumption rate of a bait makes of calculation 2-3 g/m2 (half a teaspoon), medicine previously to package in paper packages and to spread out on corners of rooms and in places of a mass congestion of mice, to repeat a bait apportion in 3-5 days.

Medicine consumption on agricultural grounds of 1-2 kg/hectare, depending on density and the specific list of rodents. So, at the high density of mice and voles not less than 2 kg/hectare, on long-term herbs of 3-4 kg/hectare are spent.


• to apply medicine during the autumn and winter period in the range of temperatures from -15 ° to + 10 °C;

• during the work with medicine it is accurate to observe elementary measures of hygiene and care;

• to use open medicine within 24 hours.

Preparative form

Form gelevovidnoa liquid, with shades of blue or red color.


Living cells of a bacterium Salmonellaenterindis var Issatscehenko, anticoagulant.

Quantity of viable cages: not less than 2,0 x Yu9, WHICH.


Since a month at a temperature from +4 to + 12 °C in the place protected from light


It is ecologically safe. Is not fitotoksichny.



Liquid suspension is packed into 10 l of a canister.

Information is up-to-date: 21.02.2018

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