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  • Protravitel Shedevr of 1 l colza, potatoes, sunflower
Protravitel Shedevr of 1 l colza, potatoes, sunflower
  • Protravitel Shedevr of 1 l colza, potatoes, sunflower

Protravitel Shedevr of 1 l colza, potatoes, sunflower

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Brand:Презенс Технолоджи

 Masterpiece k.s.

Appointment: systems isektitsidno-fungicide protravitel

Active ingredient: imidakloprid 280 g/l + tiabendazol 80 g/l.

Preparative form: suspension concentrate

Packing: 1 l

What differs from others in Medicine contains two system components which well proved in protection of potatoes and other cultures. System active ingredients at a protravlivaniye of tubers and seeds reliably protect culture from a complex of soil and land wreckers, diseases.

Range of effect of medicine Colorado beetle, provolochnik, nespravzhnyodrotyanika, caterpillar scoops, medvedka, larvae of may-bugs, plant louses, tripsa, cabbage moth, usual scab, rizoktonioz, peronosporozdpternarioz, fomoz, septorioz.

Culture Consumption rate of l/t Processing period Action range






Preseeding processing of seeds

Provolochnik, plant louse, tripsa, Colorado beetle, bugs, scoops scab, rizoktonioz
Colza 3,0-3,5 Soil wreckers and poslevskhodovy, septorioz, peronosporoz, fomoz, septorioz
Sunflower 3,0-3,5 Soil wreckers and wreckers of shoots
Cabbage 0,15-0,2 Weevils, flea beetles, plant louse

Before application carefully to shake up bottle contents.
Before a protravlivaniye to purify sowing material of dust and impurity.
Consumption rate of working solution: 10-20 ml on 1 kg of seeds, 8-10 l on 1 ton.
For soaking of roots of seedling to take 0,5-1,0 ml to the Masterpiece and to dissolve in 100 ml of water.
In the received solution to wet seedling roots for 6-8 hours and to land to the open ground.
When planting saplings fruit and berry culture to add 50-70 ml of the medicine Masterpiece to the talker, to mix carefully. Before landing to immerse roots of saplings in the talker and at once to land in soil.
Compatibility Medicine is well compatible to protravitel Rostock and Zhivosil. If there are doubts concerning compatibility with other medicine, it is better to carry out the preliminary test. When processing small amounts of seeds medicine it is better for tekhnolodzha prezensa to dose useful tips from the company for preparation of working solution by means of the medical syringe. Rather old national way of planting of trees by means of the talker. Bumpiness - smetanoobrazny mix of clay or the earth, a feltwort with water. Roots of saplings or seedling plunge into it before landing at once. Clay envelops roots of plants, holding moisture and protecting the damaged roots.
When soaking roots of seedling to exceed the recommended norm of a protravitel the Masterpiece,
oppression of plants is possible. Protravitel Shedevr contains dye in the structure.
Alarm dye and color processed seeds are not indicators of efficiency or quality of a protravitel. Color of the landing material processed protravitel can vary from poorly red to red. Class of toxicity 3. The recommended temperature of storage 0... + 25 °C

Brand:Презенс Технолоджи
Information is up-to-date: 15.02.2018

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