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  • Shave - dovskhodovy herbicide (acetochlorine)
Shave - dovskhodovy herbicide (acetochlorine)
  • Shave - dovskhodovy herbicide (acetochlorine)

Shave - dovskhodovy herbicide (acetochlorine)

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Brand:Презенс Технолоджи

OBRIY - system dovskhodovy herbicide

Active ingredient: acetochlorine, 850 g/l + strengthening surfactant

Medicine form: emulsion concentrate

Packing: 20 l

Due to addition of effective emulsifiers and vegetable oil the amount of active ingredient in a preparative form is reduced that allows to avoid possible toxic effect of acetochlorine on cultural plants at excessive moistening of the soil. Medicine has high technical efficiency against weeds and low consumption rates in comparison with other medicines on the basis of acetochlorine.

Range of effect of medicine

Weeds are sensitive to medicine: Veronika (types), the bitterling (types), gumay (shoots from seeds), a zvezdchatka average, an orach (types), mice (types), a sow-thistle pink, a ryegrass (types), a nightshade black, portulak garden, millet chicken, a palchatka (types), a camomile (types), a shchiritsa (types).

Weeds which under certain conditions gain medicine resistance: ambrosia polynnolistny, dope ordinary, lady's bedstraw tenacious, radish wild, colza fruit drop, dymyanka medicinal.

The registered consumption rates


Harmful objects

Consumption rate of medicine, l/hectare


Annual cereals and two-submultiple weeds



Annual cereals and two-submultiple weeds



Annual cereals and two-submultiple weeds


Railroad tracks

Annual cereals and two-submultiple weeds


Features of technology of introduction

Working solution needs to be used within several hours after preparation. Favorable conditions for medicine introduction - fine-grained, damp, rather warm soil. The surface of the soil to, in time and after crops, but to culture shoots is sprayed. Provided that the soil damp, closing of medicine can be not carried out to the soil. In the presence in the soil of a large number of the crop residue remains (but not on the surface of the soil!) And probabilities of loss of a rain, medicine it is possible to bring without closing. If the soil dry is also not expected rainfall, it is better to carry out a boronovaniye with the subsequent prikatyvaniye for soil consolidation.

Irrigations or loss of rainfall (10-15 mm) in 7-10 days after introduction are washed away by Obry in a zone of germination of weeds, is optimum. Action duration in many cases 12-13 (to 15) weeks that does not demand additional use of herbicides.


Medicine is well compatible to herbicides in which active ingredients are a metolakhlor and prometrin.

Useful tips:

Factors which reduce efficiency of effect of soil herbicides - a drought, high content of a humus in the soil. Factors which increase efficiency of effect of soil herbicides - optimum humidity of the soil, the low maintenance of a humus in the soil. It is necessary to remember that introduction of soil herbicides can suppress cultural development for a certain period, especially when under optimum conditions (plentiful rainfall and easy soils) herbicide is brought in the maximum consumption rate.

Medicine does not influence weeds which already sprouted! Handworks on crops should be carried out not earlier than in 7 days after processing and mechanized - through 3. Class of toxicity 3. The recommended temperature of storage-5., + 25 °C

Brand:Презенс Технолоджи
Information is up-to-date: 15.02.2018

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